KANDADJI PROJECT - A Development Perspective
Graphic & Motion Design | 3D

Large and complex hydropower project in the region of Kandadji, Niger, to support poverty alleviation. My work involves consulting, graphic and motion design, commissioned by the World Bank group (WBG), Water Global Practice. 
Communication Lead (WBG): Meriem Gray
Senior Dam Specialist (WBG): Felipe Vicente Lazaro
Graphic & Motion Design: Remy Rossi

> Some data were ambiguous and needed to be clarified (e.g. reservoir height). 
> Some data were bold and visualizing them added more impact (e.g. Agriculture & Livestock).

> Some data simply needed to be mapped.

3D modeling
​​​​​​​The original blueprints were provided as PDF.
The terrain of Kandadji is flat, too flat to get anything interesting from Google Earth.
I modeled the dam and landscape by compiling different documents.
Brochure | Creative layout
29 cm x 19 cm
Art paper, cover laminated
12 pages

Soundtrack @ Shutterstock Music: “Ripples on the Dawn” by Klaus Hergersheimer
Storyboard and animation: Remy Rossi

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