The World Bank Group (WBG) Water Global Practice, has prepared a series of materials regarding the “safety of dams”. I have been commissioned to support this project by designing infographics and a decision tree.
External Affairs Officer (WBG): Martin Craig Hall
Dam Safety Expert (WBG): Maria Guell Pons
Design & Illustration: Remy Rossi
I wanted these artworks to look good, obviously, but my main concern was for accuracy and relevance in the eyes of an expert. In other words, my worst fear is having a qualified engineer glancing at these artworks and say: “Looks good, but the designer behind has no clue whatsoever of what is our work or tools in real life condition.”
I avoided these issues by working directly with a dam safety expert. It was a rich experience, both as a professional and as a human.
Since the accurate/technical part was covered, I allowed myself an artistic approach for the execution. I made these little cute characters to illustrate the human part of the job and to showcase teamwork. It gives energy to the visual, something spontaneous. As the client told me:
“The graphics are just amazing, many thanks for your work. It will make a big difference to our group..." 

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