Clear Waters and Lush Mountains: 
The Value of Water in the Construction of China’s Ecological Civilization
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This project came in two times: an illustration/infographic, and a synthesis report with an animation. "The Great Building of China's Ecological Civilization" is the name of the illustration. I designed it with mix media, drawing, 3D, digital drawing, and ink on canvas. The original design brief is two pages long. A shorter legend can be found below, and at page 25 of the report.
"Clear Water and Lush Mountain" is the name of the report and includes 30 figures, 7 icons, one logo, 154 pages, and 17 different versions of the "Great Building of China ECC" each version focusing on one aspect. The feedback were so positive that I have been asked to make a short animation that introduces the concept of the "The Great Building of China ECC" and SMARTER water policies for an event / meeting with stakeholders. 
The report aims to identify opportunities for improving water policy through the identification, evaluation, and realization of water’s diverse and multiple values in China. It presents conceptual and practical approaches to eliciting a wide range of economic, social, cultural, and environmental values of water. The challenges assessed in this report suggest that a new generation of SMARTER water policies will be needed in priority areas. This report is a synthesis of research carried out by the World Bank and the Development Research Center of China’s State Council under the research collaboration, “Evaluating and Realizing the Value of Water in the Construction of an Ecological Civilization for China.” It draws on background papers, inputs, and consultations with a range of experts within the World Bank, officials from the government of the People’s Republic of China, along with universities and nongovernmental organizations working on water-resources-related research in China.
The Great Building of China’s Ecological Civilization
Base: institutional system, including hard institutions (such as laws), and soft institutions (such as initiatives).
Gate:  open to all potential participants or all of stakeholders of ECC.
8 pillars: Pillar of Industrial System; Pillar of Cultural System; Pillar of Education System; Pillar of Science & Technology; Pillar of Monetary System; Pillar of social Governance System; Pillar of Administrative System; Pillar of Finance System.
4 walls: Wall of Information; Wall of Responsibility; Wall of Reward; Wall of Power.
2 windows: Front window to compare with the nations or regions with leading position in ECC or green development; Back window to find the advances and press of the chasers in ECC or green development. 
4 beams: Beam of Territorial Space; Beam of Environmental Capacity; Beam of Ecological System Services; Beam of Natural Resources Basis.
The Roof: the Beautiful China! is the amazing, attractive and great target for all of the modern Chinese People. Building Beautiful China! is recognized one of the most important or top targets of China in the next decades. 

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